EDGE Training Group would be very proud to provide you with training that will not only create confidence, skills, and the ability to recognize potential threats, but more importantly will provide you with skills to protect yourself and the ones you love. We hope the day never comes that you must use the skills taught here in the real world, but if it does, know that we will be "Giving you the EDGE you need... When you need it most..."
EDGE Training Group, bringing quality training to beginners up to experts.
Classes offered by EDGE Training Group
All classes are available for private groups, couples, and individuals.  OFF site classes are also available anywhere in the U.S.
Advanced Tactical classes available also.
Contact us for pricing and information.
On site classes offered:

 ETG  First Steps Pistol Course

Length of class -- 3-4 hours, including classroom and range time. This is the introduction to handguns. It is the perfect class to learn from the beginning. Families often attend together. Slow and steady classroom and very basic and slow introduction to firing the first shots. By the end of class you will love shooting.

ETG  Basic Pistol Course

Length of class -- 8 hours, including classroom and range time. Some of the same aspects as the first steps class, but much more in depth with more range time. We will have everyone shooting inside a 10 inch circle when done.

Survival in uncertain times

Length of class -- 4 hours of classroom. Covering topics of Daily threats, powers of observation, reading your surroundings, tactics to improve survival, daily carry items, bug out bags, work place violence, terrorism

Handgun & CCW Course UTAH Non-resident

Length of class -- 4 hours, classroom. Covering safety, selection, storage, law, ammunition, and tactical thinking as a bonus ! We provide fingerprints, photo, application (completed in class) even the envelope with address to mail. Complete start to finish class. No shooting required. Permit is good in over 32 states. 

This permit is valid in 32+ states.

Range Live Fire Course proceeding any class (optional)

Length of class -- 2 hours
Cost -- $25

Women Only Basic Pistol Course

Length of class -- 4 hours, including classroom and range time.
Cost -- $100 including range fee.

Women Only Personal Protection in the Home

Length of class -- 8 hours, including classroom and range time.
Cost -- $105 including range fee.  $20 discount if combined with Basic Pistol in the same weekend.
STREET EDGE CLASS---  4 HOURS Class room instruction and review of dozens of real life confrontations, evaluation of events, concealed carry does and don'ts, tactical thinking, the mindset of a gunfight, holsters, concealment, and lots more. Plus open discussion. This course has taken us over two years to compile and completely put together. It is something everyone should go through if they carry a firearm. There is so much more to having the EDGE then just good marksmanship in a gun fight.

 Civilian Tactical Class levels 1, 2, & 3
Training for in the home and on the street
Class room and live fire
 Each level is a different course progressively
Level 1---The beginning of tactical skills
Level 2--- Advanced tactical training
Level 3--- Expert level tactical training
All levels are separate classes of 5 hours each
Classroom time per level is 2 to 3 hours, including tactical awareness, situational breakdown, law, concealed carry issues, types and equipment options, ammo selection, case studies, tactics, and more. The live fire is a dynamic, move and shoot from inside buildings, outside within cover and multiple target engagement. The instructors for this class are current members of Law Enforcement and are tactical instructors.
Level 1--- Round count needed 200
Level 2 --- Round count needed 250
Level 3 --- Round count needed 400
You must complete Level 1 to proceed to Level 2.
You must have general skills with a firearm and have working knowledge of safe gun handling and attended some type of formal training from any accredited instructor to take level 1 instruction (military or law enforcement training will be accepted)
Private Family Package, Individual, Couples, or Group classes available upon request.Please feel free to contact us.
Personal at home security training and evaluation
EDGE can come to your home and do a private security evaluation. We cover the basic security needs for your home, firearms within the home. Recommend security measures and work on scenario evaluation.   Contact us for details.
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