EDGE Training Group, bringing quality training to beginners up to experts.
EDGE Training Group, founded in 2008 for the purpose of training civilians and Law Enforcement in techniques to improve marksmanship, tactical awareness, and response.   
Karl Peterson is a partner in EDGE and has an impressive background dating back to his childhood with firearms, service in the U.S. Army and serving in Vietnam where he received the bronze star among many other service medals. Karl was also a firearms instructor in the military and involved in martial arts and received the rank of black belt. Karl is actively involved with Cowboy action shooting (SASS) and competes normally several times a month in events all over the Midwest and down south. Karl has won several State championships, and placed in the Top five in his class at countless numbers of shoots. He is active in Law Enforcement and is an NRA Instructor, a Utah Instructor and Law Enforcement Instructor.

Curt Ebersole is a partner in EDGE and has been involved with Law Enforcement starting 1992. Attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1993. Curt served on some small departments but for a 4 year tour served in Indianapolis with the K-9 Drug interdiction team as a handler. Curt is also the managing partner in the Gun Club "Paradise Pass" and shoots competition in Cowboy action shooting throughout the country. Curt has several State Titles also. Curt is a Utah and NRA Instructor and also is an Instructor to Law Enforcement. Curt specializes in Low light gun fight and tactical awareness training.

Brenda Ebersole is our Ladies Instructor and assists with all classes. Brenda has been around firearms and enjoyed shooting for over 20 years with her husband. Brenda is also the Senior partner in Paradise Pass and she does a super job keeping the please looking and feeling brand new !

Levi Ebersole is an apprentice Instructor with the NRA only because he has to be 18 before he can become a full instructor. Levi is already as good as most in instructing both in the class room and also on the range. Levi shoots cowboy action shooting dating back to his first match at age 7. Levi has been a state champion 2 times and at his age should have many more in the future. When Levi turns 18 he plans on going to NRA Instructor course and taking a bigger roll within EDGE.

Karl                                Curt                Brenda                   Levi

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