EDGE Training Group, bringing quality training to beginners up to experts.
EDGE takes great pride in providing training that is second to none. What is unique with EDGE is that we understand that people don't want a class to just be informative. It must be engaging, have heart, be so much more then power points and old war stories. It has to grip them.

We conduct these types of classes everywhere we go. We truly love what we do ! We feel it is our duty to help people to understand the hobby of firearms and more importantly, to give them the ability and tools to defend themselves or someone else.

EDGE has a very extensive client list of GUN SHOPS, and Shooting clubs that use us for ALL of their classes at their locations. We have trained several thousand people and have perfected several things in the process, including; On time presentations, updated information all the time, WE WORK HARD FOR THE GUN SHOPS to promote THEIR stores, THEIR products, and are great at it !

Our staff is always a team of professionals, including our EDGE shirts, extra presentation packs, our demonstration setup consists of over a dozen firearms for every class, training guns, training ammo, we have it all with us !

YOU, as the Owner of a Shop understand the extreme importance of repeat business. We do to, and we want your customer base to leave our class, not just saying thank you, BUT WOW what a CLASS !!!

Following, we have it ! We promote  each class and SHOP presenting it, on our website, on face book, at our shooting range, and on several talk forums. We work for you, to help fill the seats.

We offer discounted rates to all SHOPS for the classes.

Please contact Curt with any and all questions you may have, or to schedule a class 574-354-7186.
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